NZRT Online Form Terms and Conditions

  1. I apply for membership of the Workplace Savings Section of the NZRT.

  2. I have received, read and understood the Product Disclosure Statement dated 20 October 2020, the NZRT Fund Update Booklet and the Member Booklet for my employer’s plan.

  3. I understand my rights and benefits as a member of the NZRT.

  4. If my application is accepted by AMP, I agree to be bound by the trust deed, the NZRT rules and the rules of my employer’s plan and the terms set out in the Product Disclosure Statement, online Register Entry and this Application Form.

  5. I authorise my Employer to deduct from my earnings the amounts required to pay my contributions.

  6. I have had the fees and charges explained to me and understand them.

  7. I acknowledge that I have rights of access to, and correction of, the information held by AMP or the Supervisor of the NZRT subject to the provisions of the Privacy Act 1993 and amending legislation. I understand that the information supplied by me with this application and any subsequent information provided in connection with my membership, either by me, my employer, the Inland Revenue or any other authorised party, will be used by AMP and the Administration Manager to verify my identity, process this application and to administer my membership of the NZRT (and may be disclosed for these purposes to other parties where relevant, including the Supervisor, my employer, my adviser, an employer’s adviser, or another intermediary or distributor or to any other party as required to administer my membership). The information may also be used by AMP or third parties to offer me other products or services made available by the AMP group, and for market research purposes. I can access and if required correct my personal information by contacting AMP.

  8. I understand that none of the Supervisor, AMP, or any related company of the Supervisor or AMP (including AMP Services), their directors or any other person guarantees the performance of NZRT or the Funds.

  9. I understand that AMP can’t process any withdrawal until my identity has been verified.

  10. I consent to receiving electronic messages and information regarding the NZRT and any other products, services or promotions offered by AMP (or related companies of AMP) and I agree, pursuant to the Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act 2007, that the person sending any such message need not include a functional unsubscribe facility in the message.

  11. I acknowledge that choosing an investment option (or options) is solely my responsibility, neither AMP nor the Supervisor is to be regarded as representing or implying that any particular investment option (or options) is (or are) appropriate for my personal circumstances and my investment choice is a binding direction from me to AMP. I further acknowledge that if I fail to make a valid selection, or my employer has chosen an investment option for me in accordance with my employer’s plan, all contributions to the NZRT for my benefit will be invested in accordance with the Member Booklet for my employer plan.

  12. In the event I leave employment and a payment is due to me from the NZRT, I authorise AMP to contact my Employer to obtain any details of my bank account it may hold (and I authorise my Employer to release such information to AMP) in order to facilitate the payment.

  13. I authorise AMP to disclose member information to the Financial Markets Authority as may be required from time to time under the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013