Home insurance

From first homes to bustling family homes, our house insurance has you covered.

Your home is your shelter, the place where memories are made, and probably the most valuable thing you own. With an AMP home insurance policy you can protect this most important asset against any number of events, from accidental loss or damage due to natural hazards.

House insurance offers homeowners peace of mind. When you secure the right cover you can even be confident that your home is protected. A home insurance policy includes additional benefits such as temporary accommodation, legal liability, removal of debris and more. If a more significant event was to occur and your home was deemed a total loss, AMP home insurance will cover your rebuild costs up to the sum insured amount specified on your schedule. We also have the added protection of our SumExtra benefit, find more detail on that below.

Compare home insurance cover

When choosing home insurance cover it’s important that you secure an appropriate level of cover. As such, it’s wise to compare the options that each product offers based on your needs and situation, the optional benefits available, and, of course, the price. 

Our Everyday Plus home insurance offers cover for your property against gradual and accidental damage, theft and major events (earthquake, storm, fire or flood) including to plants and gardens, and cover for legal liability and temporary alternative accommodation. And our Everyday home insurance offers cover for your property against theft and major events (earthquake, storm, fire or flood), and cover for legal liability and temporary accommodation.

Check the table below comparing our Everyday Plus and Everyday cover and see what each offers.

Everyday Plus Home Cover
Everyday Home Cover
Gradual damage
Often damage isn’t immediately obvious, but instead accrues over time – water leaking or overflowing from an internal water system might cause serious but largely hidden gradual damage to your home, for example. Gradual damage cover protects you in these situations.
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Up to $5,000

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Other repair/rebuilding costs
When we are paying to rebuild or repair damaged parts of your home, enjoy cover in a variety of repair/rebuild situations, including make-safe works, compliance works, and the associated professional fees from architects or surveyors.
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Accidental damage at home
This cover protects you against accidental loss or damage to your home.
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This covers the full replacement cost if your house is damaged or destroyed by non-natural hazard, and up to 10% of your sum insured extra cover if your house is damaged or destroyed by natural hazard. Conditions apply. Refer the policy wording for full details, limits and exclusions.
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Natural hazard
Important protection for all Kiwis, enjoy cover for earthquakes, natural landslip, volcanic eruptions or activity, hydrothermal activity, tsunamis or fire resulting from any of these events.
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Legal liability
Cover for legal liability to pay for loss or damage (as a home owner or individual): this covers your legal liability to pay for loss or damage to other people’s property, and cases of bodily injury to other people relating to your property. Cover for up to $2,000,000 for loss or damage to someone else's property and up to $1,000,000 for bodily injury.
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Temporary accommodation
Cover for reasonable temporary accommodation costs in cases where loss or damage makes your home unlivable. Cover for up to 10% of the sum insured for up to 12 months.
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Enjoy cover for fencing that extends up to 2km from your home.
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Environmental improvements
If we have accepted a claim for an insured event, enjoy cover for the extra costs associated with buying and installing new environmental improvements to your home, including rainwater tanks, solar systems or compost equipment.
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Up to $3,500

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Up to $2,500

Removal of debris
Cover for the costs of demolition, debris removal and disposal when parts of your home are damaged in a claimable event.
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Up to 15% of contents Sum Insured, and no fixed limit for the disposal of damaged parts of your home

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Up to 10% of contents Sum Insured, and no fixed limit for the disposal of damaged parts of your home

Retaining walls
Cover for the loss or damage of retaining walls, including those you share with other homeowners.
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Up to $75,000 or possibly more if you’ve had a pre-loss valuation of your home and retaining walls (conditions apply)

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Up to $50,000 or possibly more if you’ve had a pre-loss valuation of your home and retaining walls (conditions apply)

Cover to repair the base and/or the top layer of your damaged driveway (note that this cover doesn’t extend to the land beneath the driveway).
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Up to 100 metres

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Up to 50 metres

Damage to plants and gardens
Cover for the cost of replacing lost or damaged trees, shrubs, plants, hedges or garden beds.
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Up to $1,000

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Home insurance options

Everyday Plus home insurance

Comprehensive house insurance to keep your most valuable asset protected. Find out more about key benefits of this policy including accidental damage, SumExtra and legal liability.

Everyday home insurance

AMPs basic house insurance that has you covered for theft, temporary accommodation, major events and more. We've also got optional benefits you can add to your policy on request.

Rental property (landlord insurance)

Looking for landlord cover for your rental property? We make it easy to get your valuable investment protected with landlord insurance for home and contents.


Save with our home and contents bundle deal


You could be eligible for a bundle discount when combining your home and contents insurance. Find out more about eligibility criteriacompare home and contents insurance and get your valuables protected today.

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Enjoy great benefits with AMP insurance

  • Know that your assets are protected from sudden and unforeseen events.
  • SumExtra makes your home insurance cover go further. If we have accepted a claim for loss or damage to your home, SumExtra can provide additional cover at claim time if the cost to rebuild your home is more than your sum insured amount noted on your policy schedule.
  • Up to 12 months temporary accommodation for you and your family if your home is deemed unlivable after an insured event has occurred.
  • Flexible and accessible cover - Excess options to reduce your premium and flexible payment options to suit your lifestyle. 24/7 emergency assistance for help when you need it, plus you can manage your insurance online.
  • Cover for fire, flood, storm, natural hazard and other major events.

Helping you get your insurance right

How NHC changes affect your insurance

When you insure your home, a portion of your cover is provided by Toka Tū Ake Natural Hazard Commission (NHC). This means in the event of a natural hazard, NHC pays for your claim up to their maximum limit and we cover the damage claimed above that, up to your sum insured amount noted on your current policy schedule. Find out more

Planning to renovate your house?

AMP has you covered with site cover insurance designed to cover renovation work and specifically meet your needs so you can rest easy knowing you're covered. Find out more

Calculate your home rebuild cost

Getting your sum insured right is important, but knowing how much your home rebuild might cost can be tricky. Use the calculator to get a rebuild estimate for your home. Find out more

House insurance FAQs

How much should I insure my house for?

The amount that you insure your house for – known as the 'sum insured' - must reflect the cost of rebuilding your home, including associated costs like demolition, removal of debris and professional fees.

You should regularly check this insured amount, especially during times in which the cost of material and labour are rising, like what we are experiencing in New Zealand right now.

Your home sum insured should reflect the adequate cost of rebuilding your home should a total loss occur and should include any extra costs that occur if you were to rebuild your home such as; demolition, removal of debris, and council and/or architectural fees. The Cordell Sum Sure Calculator is a free independent tool that offers general information and rebuild estimates or you can obtain this at a cost by a suitably qualified professional, such as a registered quantity surveyor or registered valuer.

Calculate your home rebuild costs.
What is sum insured?

Does my home insurance cover working from home?

If you are employed and working from home as part of your normal employment, the office equipment provided by your employer is normally insured by them. Check with them and if not, we can insure your home office equipment under our household contents insurance. Limits apply.

Does my home insurance cover natural hazards?

Yes. Natural hazards resulting from an earthquake, natural landslide, volcanic activity, tsunami, or hydrothermal activity, or fire resulting from any of these is covered under the natural hazard benefit. Severe weather events, such as storms and floods, aren’t covered by Toka Tū Ake Natural Hazards Commission (NHC) - but don’t worry, this is covered under your home policy. However, imminent damage as determined by NHC is not covered under your home policy. Refer to your policy document for further information about this cover.

I'm renovating my home, am I covered under my home insurance?

Your house insurance policy is designed to protect your home as it was when the house cover was taken out. As such it doesn’t cover you for any damage to the house relating to renovations, structural alterations or additions, even if you have a contractor doing the work for you. Before moving forward with your home renovations, get in touch with our insurance experts to ensure you've got suitable cover.

Do I need home insurance for my unit or apartment?

Yes, you should always ensure that your property is covered by insurance, no matter whether it is an apartment, unit or fully detached house.

But if your property is in a complex with multiple properties and owners, it will probably fall under unit title ownership, which means that the body corporate will be responsible for insuring the property (as well as maintaining the buildings and grounds). Some smaller complexes don’t necessarily require a body corporate, but these will still need to be insured under a single policy, per the Unit Titles Act.

If you’re not part of a body corporate or subject to the Unit Titles Act, you should still seek to insure your home, whether it be an apartment, unit or fully detached house.

Note that the contents within your unit or apartment will not be covered by the body corporate insurance, and it is up to you to protect your belongings with contents insurance.

Looking for help with house insurance?

It’s important that you get the right policy for your home and situation – one that ensures you enjoy all the upsides of home ownership while being protected against potential issues. If you're unsure about your needs, our AMP home insurance experts are here to help. Speak to one of our specialists on 0800 267 263 or book a call at a time that suits you. Have an existing insurance adviser or broker? Find them here.

Insurance (excluding travel) is underwritten by Vero Insurance New Zealand Ltd. This information is only intended as a guide. Policy limits and exclusions apply. Please refer to the policy wording for full terms and conditions.