Insurance for Students

Student life. It’s an exciting time but also a bit daunting…

We’ve made it easy for you to get the right cover. From can’t-live-without devices to your appliances and furniture, you’re just a few clicks away from getting them insured.

Tech. Not only essential for your studies but your social life too! It’s expensive, highly breakable and prone to theft. 

AMP’s Everyday Contents Insurance can help keep you connected if things go wrong, wherever you are in New Zealand. With AMP you can also include your other belongings, so don’t forget about your bed, desk and any other stuff you own when working out how much cover to get. To make sure your stuff is covered when you take them outside of your home, you must include them as specified items or add portable valuables cover to your policy.

Interested? Here's more details

  • Specify the tech/electronic items you want insured i.e. laptop, mobile
  • Make sure you select the ‘accidental damage’* option if you want to be covered for accidents like your phone falling into the toilet (you’d be surprised how common this is!)     
  • When working out how much to insure for, remember to include all your other essentials 

* Please note, the screen or glass of any computer, television set or other type of visual or audio electronic device is not covered.

For a little help, use our handy guide.

So, what's covered?

AMP Everyday Contents Insurance covers your stuff up to the sum insured for major events such as theft, fire, storm or flood, and natural disasters such as earthquakes.

Other highlights include:
•    liability cover if you accidently cause damage to someone else’s property
•    financial transaction card cover so you’re not out of pocket if someone steals your credit/debit card from your address
•    visitors’ contents for up to 30 days (limits apply)
•    alternative accommodation if where you’re living is uninhabitable due to major loss or damage.

Some items, such as mobile phones, devices, sporting equipment, computers, and jewellery have limits on their cover. There are others, all policy limits are detailed in the policy document. However, it’s easy to get the cover you need.

You can choose to add cover for:
Specified items – you can increase the cover for your most valuable things by providing a full description of the item and its value (specifying it).  It will cost you a little more but it’s good to know you can replace things if they’re lost or damaged.  You can limit cover to home or extend it to when you take the items away from home.
Portable valuables – you can choose to add cover for those items that are often carried away from your home (for example, laptops, phones, jewellery, and sporting gear) so that if they are lost or damaged while you’re out and about they’re still covered. Portable valuables are limited to $1,000 per item, so if you need higher cover on one particular item you will need to specify it. For example, if your laptop is worth $1,600 you will need to have portable valuables added to your policy and specify your laptop too.

For some of your things you may want to have a higher limit and cover away from home. These can be a portable valuables and specified items!

Check out the policy document for full details.

Before you buy, check that you're not already covered

Your stuff may already be covered if you:

  • Still live at home and your parents or guardians already have household contents insurance
  • Are in your first year of your studies and are staying in a hall of residence, then your parents'/guardians' contents insurance may already cover you

Check with your parents or guardians to see if their insurance already covers your stuff.

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Important information

* The screen or glass of any computer, television set or other type of visual or audio electronic device is not covered.

AMP Home, Contents, Car and Landlord insurance are issued and underwritten by Vero Insurance New Zealand Limited. The above is only a summary of some of the cover provided and is for information purposes only. It is important to note that limits, excesses, terms and conditions and exclusions apply to the cover outlined. Please refer to the policy document for details of the cover. The provision of cover is subject to the underwriting criteria that apply at the time.