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KiwiSaver and employers

We explain your obligations as an employer, and how you can help new and existing employees save for a brighter financial future. Learn more >


KiwiSaver for self-employed

As a self-employed Kiwi you have complete control over your KiwiSaver. This is a big responsibility, as your actions today can dictate how comfortable you will be in the future. Learn more >


Choosing insurance that's right for your business

It is important to carry the right insurance as a Kiwi business owner – no one size fits all. Learn more >

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The basics of starting a small business

Explore what things you need to think about before starting a small business and why it's important to seek expert advice. Learn more >


What are my KiwiSaver obligations as an employer?

As an employer you need to make KiwiSaver available to your employees, and meet a number of other associated requirements. Learn more >


PIE income & tax: what you should know

Learn about what a Portfolio Investment Entity (PIE) is, and the tax impacts that holding investments in a PIE can have. Learn more >


What are my tax obligations as a business owner?

Learn about your tax your obligations as a small business owner in New Zealand. Learn more >


Getting advice when it comes to your business

Evaluate your current situation and discuss your personal and business goals with a financial adviser. Learn more >


Safeguard your business assets on the move

Learn about commercial vehicle insurance, how it differs from personal car insurance, and when you might need it. Learn more >


The key to business continuity

Discover the key aspects of business interruption insurance - covering your business from financial losses during unexpected disruptions. Learn more >


Natural disaster preparedness, recovery and insurance cover guide

Our comprehensive guide covers safety measures, recovery, and the role of insurance in safeguarding your property and investments. Learn more >


Business assets insurance: protecting your investment

Get to know our business assets insurance cover - covering you for events beyond your control. Learn more >

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Enjoy greater control over your future with the help of AMP KiwiSaver Scheme. Where will your retirement savings take you?


Helping Kiwis find the right insurance cover. Quick and easy to compare insurance options, get a quote and buy online.

Workplace savings
Workplace savings

New Zealand Retirement Trust (NZRT), our flexible workplace-based retirement savings scheme designed to help you save for a more comfortable retirement.

Managed Funds
Managed Funds

The smart, easy, low-cost way to make your money work hard for you.

UK Pension Transfer
UK Pension Transfer

Transferring your retirement savings from the UK can help you to consolidate your assets, making it easier to control and manage your savings.

For employers
For employers

AMP can help you tailor a financial wellbeing solution to take your employee wellbeing program to the next level.