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It is important to carry the right insurance as a Kiwi business owner – no one size fits all. Protecting your business assets is one part, but considering all of your liability and financial exposure is also important. Because no two businesses are alike, your small business insurance policy can be tailored to meet the unique needs of your company.

Why you need business insurance

Although it’s rewarding to operate your own company, owning a business brings risk, and for most owners exposure to risk is only increasing. Insurance plays a key role in managing business risk, but between protecting your assets, your business income and a range of liabilities, there is so much to think about. AMP business insurance brokers and advisers have the knowledge to help you navigate the complexities, guiding you through the cover you may need, and securing the right insurance package. 

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Business insurance considerations

Just as every business is unique, every business insurance package must be unique. Your business insurance must reflect the needs and circumstances of your business, and the risks and liabilities it faces. Your package will be made up of a number of business insurances, and might include:

Business assets insurance (Material Damage)

Much of the value of any business will be tied up in physical business assets like stock, buildings, equipment, fittings and the like. These valuable assets must be covered against damage, and business assets insurance is built to do just that, covering against incidents like fire, storms, floods, and more. It can also offer a surprising array of automatic covers, such as employee effects, capital additions, and contents and stock anywhere in New Zealand.

Learn more about business assets insurance

Business interruption insurance

Business interruption insurance protects your business in situations when insured physical damage to your business assets results in a partial or complete interruption in business activities, and this interruption affects cash flow and leads to a downturn in gross profit. Depending on your insurance cover needs, you can also enjoy protection against loss of rent (should you be a building owner), additional increased costs of working, and claim preparation costs. 

Learn more about business interruption insurance

Liability insurance

In many ways there is no greater risk to a modern business than being liable for an issue and getting sued by a third party. Liability covers are absolutely critical forms of business insurance, as it protects you against legal liability in a number of ways, including Public Liability (Broadform Liability), Statutory Liability, Employers Liability, Directors and Officers liability, Professional Indemnity and many more. It can cover both the legal costs and damages awarded in relation to an insured event. There’s a lot to consider, so it’s wise to seek liability insurance advice from an AMP broker or adviser.

Learn more about liability insurance

Commercial motor vehicle insurance

Private car cover isn’t designed to insure business vehicles, so if you’re operating a vehicle in a commercial capacity – freight companies, trade businesses, food trucks, construction companies and more – you’ll need commercial vehicle insurance. Choose from comprehensive cover, third party fire and theft, or just third party.

This can include equipment fitted to the vehicle such as cranes, coffee makers and more. Think about the contents you are carrying also – are you responsible for it should the vehicle have an accident or be stolen? Cover for this type of risk is separate from commercial motor insurance, so getting advice from an AMP broker or adviser is important to ensure you cover all aspects of your business activities.

Learn more about commercial vehicle insurance

Benefits of choosing business insurance with AMP 

Expert help

Access our expert brokers and advisers to help you navigate getting the right business insurance for you and your business.

Flexible options

Our brokers and advisers have access to many insurances you are likely to need.

Local support

The key person that small business owners need to understand insurance products, our local broker and adviser partners are there for you all around New Zealand.

Are you a tradie? Get insurance built for you

AMP tradies insurance is designed to cover the unique risks and meet the unique needs of your trades business. It guards you against a wide range of risks, from dropping your phone, to covering your tools, to defending your business against liability claims. If you’re self-employed or run a trade business with up to five people, tradies insurance can be the ideal insurance solution.

Learn more about tradies insurance

Business insurance FAQs

Can I insure my plant, fixtures, fittings and buildings for replacement value?

Yes – you have the option to insure for replacement value. For some business assets we will need a valuation, which we will tell you about if required.

Health and safety is a concern, can I get insurance that covers me for this?

We offer a Statutory Liability policy, which covers you for a number of statutes and the fines, reparation and defence costs associated. For health and safety claims related to the Health and Safety at Work Act legislation, we are unable to insure you for fines, but you can insure for your defence costs and any reparation ordered by the courts.

Is the insurance cheaper if I opt for higher excesses?

It can be, but not all business insurance policies have an option for a higher excess to discount the insurance premiums. It is worthwhile running through your options with one of our adviser or broker partners.

Can I insure for excess-free windscreen repairs and replacement on my business vehicles?

In almost all cases you can. There are some more complex and/or large vehicles where you may still need to pay an excess for windscreen repairs or replacement; however, in the vast majority of vehicles, windscreen replacement or repair is excess-free.

Why do you need more than one liability insurance to cover all of your risks?

There are a multitude of liability exposures in New Zealand and no one policy covers all of the exposures you face as a business. In some cases you can purchase a package liability product, which has most if not all of the liability insurances you need under one insurance. Talk to one of our adviser or broker partners to see what options you have.

Can I pay my business insurance premiums by instalments?

In most cases the answer is yes. Our adviser and broker partners all have instalment payment options for your insurances and in almost all cases you can pay your insurance in instalments. In some insurances, such as insurance for only a short period of time, you may be required to pay upfront.

Get help from our team of business insurance experts

Your business is unique. The risks you face are unique. You need business insurance cover that offers you, your team and your business the best possible protection. AMP business insurance experts are ready to assist. We can help you navigate the insurance products you need, as well as the inclusions, exclusions and optional extras of each policy. Simply fill out a form, and an AMP adviser will be in touch.

Helpful documents

Insurance (excluding travel) is underwritten by Vero Insurance New Zealand Ltd. This information is only intended as a guide. Policy limits and exclusions apply. Please refer to the policy wording for full terms and conditions.