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How to prepare, stay safe and recover from natural disasters

Storm and Flood
Storm and Flood

Preparing for storms, high winds, heavy rain, or flooding.


What to do during and after an earthquake.


What to do during and after an Tsunami.

Need urgent assistance?
Need urgent assistance?

If you require urgent assistance call now.

Make a claim

Call volumes are high during and after a natural disaster.

The quickest way to start a claim is online. Download and complete your claim form, then email it to newclaims@ampg.co.nz. We'll lodge your claim and our claims team will get in contact with next steps. If you require urgent assistance, it is best to call us on 0508 806 244.

Please remember to include:

  • your policy number (in the subject line of your email)
  • a brief description of what has happened, such as a storm/weather event
  • photographs of the damage


Download claim forms

How the claims and assessment process works

If you have lodged a claim: Rest assured, we’ll be working through this and making contact as soon as possible. For urgent assistance call 0508 806 244.  

After you have lodged a claim: We’ll contact you, focusing first on those that are most in need. When we contact you, we’ll be able to give you an idea of how long it is going to take based on your situation. Those most in need will be seen at once while those with minor damage may take a few weeks for us to get to.  

To help speed up the process: If you have access to your own tradespeople who can begin the reinstatement of your home, we’re happy to work with them to approve the necessary repairs. A detailed quote and photos will be extremely helpful. If the quote appears fair and reasonable, we may be able to cash settle the claim immediately without needing to visit the property. This will allow you to progress the claim at your own pace. 

For badly affected properties: Our insurance partner Vero work with Morgan Project Services (MPS) to jointly manage a large weather event response. MPS will do an initial assessment and can arrange for properties to be commercially dried. MPS can also assist with removing damaged items such as contaminated carpet and underlay. But you don’t need to wait for MPS to call to remove carpets and wall linings – if you have access to a qualified tradesperson, go ahead and arrange that. Just provide us with before and after photos and a detailed invoice from the tradesperson. Once the property has been dried, the MPS Project Manager will return to complete a full assessment of the work required, providing a written report. MPS will then work with you to bring tradespeople on board to provide quotes and complete the work within a reasonable timeframe – depending upon the tradesperson’s scheduling, and availability of materials. 

Cash settlement

In the case of contents or car insurance, cash settlement is standard. 

With home insurance, every situation is different, and we do prioritise those in severe need, meaning it may take some time for more simple repairs to commence. 

We know that some customers want to take control of the repairs themselves, and we’re open to discussing the possibility of settling claims with a cash payout to help you reinstate your home. We’ll work with you to understand your needs and preferences and support your recovery in the best way possible.

FAQs: Home, Contents, Car

FAQs: Business

FAQs: Farm and Rural

Helping you get back on your feet

We understand making a claim can be stressful and you may prefer to talk to an insurance specialist. Our team is available to support you over the phone, give us a call to talk about your claim.

Monday to Friday: 8.00am - 6.30pm
Saturday, normal Public holidays: 9.00am - 5.00pm

The information on this page is of a general nature only and intended to provide guidance about how your claim may be managed. The steps which will be taken to manage your particular claim will depend upon your individual circumstances and your policy wording. Please refer to your policy wording for full details of your insurance cover.